Podcast Review: Tanis

One of my favorite new Podcasts is The Black Tapes, a radio drama I covered a few weeks ago.  The fictional producers, Pacific Northwest Stories Radio, came up with a second Podcast called Tanis and like its companion series, it is a pretty gripping story.images

Tanis, like the Black Tapes, is a horror show done in the style of the very popular Serial podcasts.  This time the main narrator is an engaging Nic Silver – don’t worry, the Black Tapes narrator Alex Reagan drops into the show from time to time.  However, where the Black Tapes is a dark horror story with gothic overtones and ancient evil, Tanis’s horror owes more to science fiction and the surveillance state.  One of the main characters is a bad-ass hacker named MeerKatnip.  MK adds the technical element in the show as she aids Nic in his search for the truth.

The show is almost done with its second season and unlike the Black Tapes where the nature of the horror is revealed well before the end of its second season, Tanis’s horror is still a bit up in the air – I think I know what it is but I am not certain.  Fortunately, I don’t really mind.  As I said in the earlier article I love a good slow burn conspiracy story and Tanis delivers.

Like the Black Tapes, Tanis is well worth your time.

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