Christopher Otero:  I am from Syracuse, New York and currently 10891916_10205016350984478_1431342403961428069_n
reside in Rochester, NY.  I have spent twenty years in the Army but don’t let that fool you – I am a hardcore Geek who loves all things science fiction and fantasy.  Stars Wars is my religion and very proud that my daughters are growing up  with that mentality as well.  I have a strong love of 80s pop culture but have stayed pretty current with the times.  I like to write about movies, computer games, podcasts and occasionally music.


Christopher Sievers:  Recently retired from the Army, I am now living the dream – Professional Dad by day and Dungeon Master by night. I grew unnamedup with Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons and voraciously read science fiction and fantasy novels while jamming to ’80s music. Though I shunned most “manly” things in life, I still managed to get married and raise little geeks. I currently live in Rochester, NY. I’m always look forward to the next game… Whatever that may be.